Mission and Philosophy


The mission of The Horse Fund is to promote the health, safety and welfare of equines both domestic and in the wild.

The Horse Fund is firmly committed to fulfilling our Mission only by peaceful and lawful means. Therefore we will neither knowingly nor willingly participate in or incite or promote others to participate in any unlawful or unpeaceful activities, nor will we harass, encourage others to harass, or support those who do.


History shows that the equine has been a vital contributor in the expansion and development of civilized cultures around the world.

Horses have been bred, lived, worked and died to suit our purposes.

Horses are not a commodity, but sentient beings with a high degree of physical, emotional and spiritual sensitivity.

Horses do not belong to us, but are our fellow citizens. Their wants, desires and needs are to be respected.

To inflict pain, suffering and anguish in any way is immoral and a gross act of betrayal and ingratitude.

The Horse Fund Logo


Protecting Horses through Intervention, Education and Legislation

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