Our Team


The Horse Fund is staffed by a dynamic group of volunteer advocates.

Our President Vivian Grant Farrell is responsible for the smooth day-to-day operation of the organization and is able to accomplish it because of this talented and reliable team.

Asked once by an interview if she was offered either a large donation or a great volunteer, which would one would she choose Vivian replied without a moment’s hesitation, “Oh, that’s easy. A great volunteer every time.”

Vivian edits our blog Tuesday’s Horse and conceives and develops many of the concepts and campaigns you hear about at The Horse Fund.

Public education activities are performed by experienced full time, part time and intern staff  who have press, media, video, graphic arts, audio and event management skills.

Intervention work is conducted by researchers, analysts, writers and issue leaders who collaborate with a network of skilled “go to” professionals and highly placed experts in all sectors of the horse industry.

Legislative work is carried out with the assistance of top lobbyists, strategists and political insiders who help our political action team write, promote and lobby for the enactment of tougher horse protection laws.

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Protecting Horses through Intervention, Education and Legislation

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