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Take Action

Urgent! The following bills, pending before Congress in Washington D.C., require immediate attention.

They are:

(1) Anti horse slaughter legislation — H.R.961 & S.2006, the SAFE Act and

(2) the Senate version of the anti horse soring bill — S. 1007, the PAST Act (which passed the House 333-96)

Our Goals:

(1) 300 or more cosponsors in the House for H.R.961 and 60+ for its companion bill in the Senate, S.2006.

(2) 60+ cosponsors in the Senate for S.1007.

The general consensus is that the most effective way to contact your members of Congress is by telephone — unless you can visit them in person our course.

The Capitol Switchboard number is (202) 224-3121.

Please call your Representative and both Senators and ask them to cosponsor and commit to voting for the above bills.

Find out who represents you at GovTrack.us »  

Learn how to make phone calls that get results »

Bill Status

Check the status of these bills online anytime at Congress.gov.

(1) Horse Slaughter: H.R.961 &  S.2006 »

(2) Horse Soring: S.1007 »

Talking Points

For talking points on the bills cited above, visit The Horse Fund’s Stakeholders page at POPVOX.com.

The Voice of the People

Is there something better than phoning? We believe there just might be!

Sign up with POPVOX. They identify your lawmakers and deliver your messages directly to them — guaranteed! How grand is that?

If you have any questions, suggestions or need further information, please contact us anytime.

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